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Mountain biking through wildflowers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Marquette, Houghton, and Munising Michigan have grown to be THE destination for biking in the midwest. With enough trails to keep you busy for a lifetime and a quality to keep you coming back for more, riding in the Upper Peninsula is not to be missed.

Here are a few of our favorite trail networks to check out, but there are a lot more so make sure you stop by the store when you're in town to get the local scoop from our employees. And don't forget, our Houghton and Marquette stores are full service bike shops that can take care of any repair need you may have. From a flat tire to a blown fork, we're here to help.

Houghton Area

Wooden structure on Brockway Mountain at the Copper Harbor Mountain Bike Trails
There is an amazing amount of cycling in the Keweenaw both on the roads and in the woods. Being off the beaten path has its advantages… for one there aren’t a lot of vehicles around here and that makes riding our roads just a little safer than in other parts of the state. However, unlike many other parts of the country where road bikers rule, here it’s the mountain bikers that are in charge. Why is that? Well, it’s because we have some of the best trails in the state and some might say some of the best in the country, and we have a lot of them. You can easily spend a week riding your mountain bike here in the Keweenaw and not get bored. Below are some of our favorite trail systems. For more information and ride suggestion just stop by. Also, on almost every night of the week there is a group ride. Call or stop in for more details.


We might as well start on the top. Copper harbor is the premier trail network in the midwest. Set in an idyllic little town as far north as you can get in Michigan, these trails offer a huge variety of riding for every skill level from Expert down hill rides to moderate cruises.
Check out more information at copperharbortrails.org


Located in the historic mining town of Calumet, the Swedetown trails are primarily cross country style singletrack through a diverse forested landscape. Perfect for beginners or those looking for an aerobic challenge, these trails tend to be less technical and have fewer climbs and descents than others in the area.

Overflow trail in Copper Harbor on a beautiful fall day
Giant Bikes enjoying a rest and the view on Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor


The Maasto Hiito and Churning Rapids trail systems are found across the canal in Hancock. They offer a variety of options from rolling two-tracks to tight, twisty and technical singletrack. If you’re looking to get in a good long ride this is the place to go.


The Michigan Tech Trails are superb trails and they are located a short ride from just about any location in Houghton. Michigan Tech’s trail crew does an amazing job they are always out developing new trails or making sure that the existing trails are in the best possible shape. The Tech Trails are almost entirely singletrack. Although the trails aren’t super technical they are relatively challenging in that you are either screaming downhill or spinning your way back to the top. We would definitely recommend the Inner Peace, Outer Limits and Twilight loops. Michigan Tech also has a pump track, a dual slalom course, and a jump track.


Getting some air while mountain biking on the Marquette area trails
In 2009 Bike Magazine named Marquette as the Number ONE place to live and ride in the U.S, and the riding has only gotten better since then. A constantly expanding network of trails make the town a destination for midwest bikers and the local scene makes the time not spent riding as good as the riding itself.


If your looking for premier trails in Marquette then look no further then the South Trails which are sponsored and professionally maintained by the Noquemanon Trail Network. A five minute drive or ten minute bike ride is all it takes to get you on the trails and ready to ride the thirty plus miles of world class single track. Trails not to be missed are the Gorgeous Loop (new extension in 2010) and the Mt Marquette Loop. The trails feature everything from swooping singletrack to stair-stepping jagged rocks that will make any rider’s leg hair stand on end. Even though the south trails are considered to be less technical then some other trails in Marquette they make up for that with flow and speed.


Variety is what the trails North of Marquette are known for. You can ride everything from swampy black wet dirt, exposed steep rock faces, fast and swooping single track, and even pedal through the sand to get a well deserved cool dip in Lake Superior. The trails north of town are a little harder to navigate due to the lack of signs…. but the lack of trails in non existent. The trails cross every which way and one can easily ride all day and never touch the same piece of dirt. Trails to ride are the open rock faces on the Bareback Trail and spend hours pedaling across the expansive wilderness that stretches between the town of Marquette and the trails north of town.

Mountain Biking in the Upper Peninsula
Deer and a mountain biker


If you are up for a little drive west of Marquette and ready to ride trails that are more technical then the south trails and then head to Ishpeming and Negaunee. Trails here are similar to the north side of town… they are unsigned and zig zag every which way. If your looking to venture west to ride these trails find a local local to show you around or do your homework at the local shops. The trails here are something not to be forgotten… steep climbs and hairy descents will keep your body and mind working; while the beautiful views from atop the cliffs and mountain tops soothe the soul and make you realize why the Upper Peninsula is such an amazing place.


Bruno's Run trail in Munising
A realtive new comer in the U.P's mountain bike scene, Munising is fast growing as destination worth the trip. While the volume of trails is small, it's steadily growing and offers some great riding. The Munising Bay Trail network and the trails at Valley Spur are well worth a ride if you are in town to see Pictured Rocks or passing through to ride in Marquette or the Keweenaw.

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