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You Need an eBike

During the pandemic e-bike sales grew 145 percent, more than double the rate of classic bikes, according to the market research firm NPD Group. Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular and for very good reasons!

An electric bike is a standard bicycle outfitted with a motor that provides an assist when pedaling, hence the term “pedal assist bike”. That extra electric boost can be a huge benefit for riders navigating the hills associated with most Upper Peninsula towns, hauling groceries, commuting to work or biking longer distances on the weekend.

1. But That’s Cheating!

There’s a common perception that riding an e-bike is like cheating. Although cycling with an E-bike is pedal assisted, it's still fantastic exercise. E Bike riders tend to ride more often and for greater distances so there is an increased amount of time exercising!
Giant eBike on top of Marquette Mountain in the Upper Peninsula

2. Pedal Past the Pump

Sick gas prices? Ride a bike! ”It’s too far to ride to work, or I’ll get sweaty.” But hold on, E Bikes are a much more efficient method to conventional pedal bikes. Now, with gas prices climbing daily and uncertain fuel prospects going into the summer season, perhaps now is the time to give an electric bike a shot! E- bikes offer extended range and ease of use, up to 60 miles on a single charge, which allow riders to use bikes for more errands, and take larger trips. Pedal past one of our local gas stations and for the price of one gallon of gas you could ride 2000 miles on your e-bike!

3. They Extend Your Cycling Career

At some point in people’s lives, riding a bike becomes more of a challenge. What our staff has noticed is that with the popularity of E Bikes more and more people are rediscovering and enjoying biking! E bikes have fast emerged as one of the most low-impact and friendly modes of exercise and instead of retiring from riding a bike, older generations are continuing to have fun on the trails.
Riding an eBike in front of the red lighthouse in Marquete Michigan

4. Mountain Biking to the next level

Steep climbs, technical descents, longer days on the trail. With a seamless boost of pedaling support, Mountain E-bikes give you the power and technology to ride the trails you dream about. With a technical mountain e bike, they allow you to explore more of the mountain and rip down more laps than ever before. They let you climb up the mountains and become your own shuttle!

5. They Are Down Right Fun!

There are so many sceptics when it comes to e bikes. It isn’t until they hop on one to try it out that they understand how fun they can actually be! A good friend defiantly did not want anything to do with E Bikes, I got him to give one a test ride and upon returning he said “I didn’t know I needed a new bike! There are so many fun things you can do with electric bikes, you just need the opportunity to get on one and take it for a test ride.
Riding an eBike down a leafy path through the forest

Like vehicles, electric bikes are the future. They are super fun to ride, are environmentally friendly, and are a great benefit for your health too! Whether you’re looking for a way to commute, want to extend your biking career, or just want a fun activity, electric bikes offer something that traditional bicycles just don’t.