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We Love the Upper Peninsula - Leave No Trace

Plain and Simple-We Love the U.P. If you are a first time visitor, we think you will too. If you are new to the area, we implore you to help preserve the natural beauty and solitude of the area to keep this region special. By utilizing Leave No Trace Principals, you can adventure, enjoy and immerse in the U.P. while leaving the area as it should be- natural.

Whether you are a hiker, mountain biker, camper, or a seeker of serenity or adventure, add extra satisfaction to your journey by communing with Upper Peninsula in an informed, caring way – leaving no trace!

Wading across rocks in Lake Superior at Hunter's Point in Copper Harbor Michigan

Beat the Crowds

Millions of visitors travel from all over the country to explore the U.P.’s beautiful Northwoods. You can avoid the crowds and prevent impacts by visiting during shoulder seasons. We have less visitors then and it is easier to find solitude in some of the most popular locations.

Enjoy the Whole Trail

Walk and ride on existing trails and avoid taking any short cuts. By cutting switchbacks it will encourage erosion and can harm trailside plants. Many of our trail systems are maintained by volunteer groups and trail repairs tax these volunteers.

Pack it In Pack It Out

Carry bags to pack out all your trash including food scraps. Even items such as apple cores and orange peels can take up to two years to decompose and are an unhealthy food for local wildlife.  Proper disposal of human waste helps prevent water pollution and the transmission of disease, as well as any unpleasantness other visitors may experience who find your refuse. In most locations, burying human waste in a cathole, 6-8 inches deep, is the most effective method to meet these criteria.

Boardwalk trail on Isle Royale

Dog on trail with backpack and wildflowers

Be Aware of Local Regulations/Restrictions

Always check fire regulations/restrictions before having a fire. Consider lightweight camping stoves for cooking. They are safer, require no wood and are a lot faster. If fires are allowed, use an existing fire ring, keep fires small. When you are finished, dowse your fire with water until it is completely out.

Leave What You Find and How You found It

Please don't mark trails or create cairns (rock stacks) along the lake or our rivers. Leave natural objects such as antlers, flowers, rocks for others to enjoy. Do not cut or carve into the sandstone, live plants trees, which can expose them to disease. Graffiti is not tolerated here so please don’t mark or tag any manmade or natural structure.

Moose on Isle Royale