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Wax recommendations for this weekend's Noquemenon Ski Marathon

The Noquemenon Ski Marathon race day is approaching fast! Are you racing this weekend? Give yourself the best race possible by getting your wax dialed in. Toko and Swix just released the early wax recomendations, so it's time to get fast!

Recomedations from Toko

Apply High Performance Blue Hot Wax, scrape and brush. Apply a second layer of HP Blue Hot Wax, scrape and brush. A fine structure covered by one pass with the Blue Structurite tool after scraping and brushing HP Hot Wax will best suit these conditions.

Should be an easy Grip year. Clean ski, rough up grip zone with sand paper, iron in Nordic Base Wax Green, cork smooth, let cool. Then apply multiple layers of Nordic GripWax Blue, corking between layers. Later racers may want to add a layer of Nordic GripWax Red under the blue.

These are an early recomdation and may change over the coming week as we get a clearer picture on what the race day conditions will look like, but if you're getting in some last minute training or trying to get a jump on waxin these are a great start. We'll post the official Toko wax tip when comes out Thursday, most likely on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you're not planning on waxing your own skis for the race, don't worry. We are waxing all week and following the latest recomendations for race day.

Noquemanon Ski Marathon January 21-22, 2022