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Pedal Past the Pump

Sick of these high gas prices? What if we told you you could skip the pump completely and keep all of that cash? Ride a bike!

"Its too far to ride to work" or "I’ll get sweaty" or "That sounds like a lot of work", you say?.

Well, hold on! We've got solutions to all those concerns. Have you tried a fun and energy-efficient electric bike? With gas prices climbing daily and uncertain fuel prospects going into the summer season, now might be the time to give an e-bike a test ride!

Over the past few years we have seen a huge interest in E-Bikes and many folks are making the switch from four to two wheels for the commuting needs.

E-bikes basically take the work out of cycling, turning your commute into a fast and enjoyable outing! Our e-bikes have a pedal assist feature that gives you a helpful push while you provide a portion of the pedaling, letting you cruise up hills and cover longer distances in less time. And, as a perk, you get little excercise, which is never a bad thing!

E- bikes offer extended range and ease of use, up to 60 miles on a single charge, which allow riders to use bikes for more errands, and take larger trips. These bikes also make it easier for older riders and those with disabilities to access cycling.

An E-bike ride to Lake Superior and the red lighthouse in Marquette

Still a skeptic? Stop by for a test ride and try not to smile! Better yet, pedal past one of our local gas stations and for the price of one tank of gas you could ride for a year on your e-bike!

Commuting on an e-bike in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Gian E-Bike parked on top of Marquette Mountain