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NEW PRODUCT- Yeti Rambler French Press

You had us at espresso cups- now a French Press? Our mornings just got a little bit better! This overbuilt 34oz French Press offers the coffee addict a perfect pour of 2-4 cups of coffee. Drink your first cup and when you pour the second of the morning don’t be surprised when it is just as hot as the first! The GroundsControl Filter that stops the brewing process after plunging, allows you to keep your coffee piping hot in the YETI French Press without over-extracting your coffee.

Super easy to use, just drop in some of your favorite grounds (ours comes from Dead River Coffee or Gallery Coffee Co.!), fill it up with hot water, gently press the plunger down which takes the grounds to the bottom of the press, leaving you with a beautiful brew of coffee!

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And don't forget the coffee!