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New Camping Gear 2023

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your summer, and having the right equipment can make it a lot more enjoyable. Down Wind has all of the gear you need and we're constantly on the looking for new must have gadgets and improvements on old classics.

Checkout some of our favorites for the summer of 2023!

Camping on a beach


If you are utilizing butane stoves on your adventures, how may half filled gas cartridges do you have laying around the house? FlipFuel was created to help hikers and campers consolidate partially filled fuel containers and recycle the empties. Brought to you by backpackers to solve a simple problem. What do I do with this box of partial fuel containers I won't take on a trip? Now you can easily consolidate your backpacking fuel & recycle the empty fuel canisters. Brilliant!

How does it work? Take the canister that you want to transfer fuel out of and simply put it in the sun. The receiving canister should be cooled down on ice or in the fridge. Attach the Flip Fuel to each container and open the valve and the transfer will begin.


Finally! Eno Hammocks has come out with the new all-in-one TravelNest Hammock + Straps Combo which includes a portable hammock and tree straps. It packs down into an attached stuff sack, storing everything you need to easily and quickly relax on the go, making it the ideal travel companion.

Eno Hammock

Helinox Seat Warmer

A puffy jacket for your chair! It’s pretty much made for U.P. summers. This cover provides soft warmth, extra cushioning and draft protection for cold outdoor adventures.

Helinox seat warmer

Misery Bay Coffee Single Steep Bags & Gallery Coffee Company Single Steep Bags 

You don’t need a fancy French press or pour-over to make great coffee when you are camping. All you need are great beans, finely ground, expertly treated, and passed through hot water.

That’s why we stock two of our favorite coffee’s from the Upper Peninsula- Misery Bay and Gallery Coffee Company steeped coffee bags!. Packed with quality flavor, it’s conveniently designed for steeping before you head off on your adventure. No fancy equipment, no mess, no headache. Just great coffee.

And maybe get yourself a new YETI to drink the U.P's best coffee from...
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