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Munising Waterfall Challenge

The Munising Waterfall Challenge is a fun and exciting way for families to get outside and explore waterfalls in the Munising area! The goal of the Munising Waterfall Challenge is to get participants out enjoying the beauty of the Pictured Rocks Area as well as discovering some falls that are “off the beaten path”.

Chase these wildly wonderful waterfalls to collect points and receive an official Munising Waterfall Challenge Sticker! There are easy, accessible roadside falls and other locations that require a bit of hiking and exploration into the backcountry. At each waterfall you visit, take a photo to save the memory as well as documentation of your visit. Use the hash tags #downwindsports #munisingwaterfallchallenge

If you collect 100 points, stop by Down Wind Sports in Munising and to collect your official Munising Waterfall Challenge Sticker!

Munising Waterfall Challenge Sticker

Alger Falls - 5pts

One of the easier waterfalls in our collection, this roadside waterfall on the east side of town, is at the M-28 and M-94. Please be cautious of traffic when exiting or entering your vehicle.
GPS: N 46° 23.591 W 86° 38.883
Alger Falls near Munising in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Alger Falls

Wagner Falls - 10pts

Take a leisurely stroll on a gravel path to the viewing platform below the cascading falls, Wagner Creek flows over numerous rock ledges to create this beautiful waterfall. Head east out of Munising and turn right on M94. The fall’s parking area is only 1/4 mile from the M-28 & M-94 intersection on the left-hand side on the road.
GPS: N 46° 23.273 W 86° 38.824 

Munising Falls - 15pts

This spectacular 50-foot waterfall is the most photographed waterfall in Munising! The river drops into a sandstone canyon and creating a beautiful pillar of water. The easy .25 mile walk on a paved trail ends at a viewing platform.
Located within the city of Munising, follow H-58 east until you reach Washington Street and turn left. Follow until you reach the Munising Memorial Hospital and the falls parking area is across the street.
GPS N 46° 25.369 W 86° 37.301

Twin Falls - 35pts

These two falls are seasonal and depending on the year you might have a large flow dropping over the sandstone bowl or a small trickle. Right Twin is the steeper but shorter of the two falls, while Left Twin is a thinner steeper fall. 
Park at the Munising Falls parking area and proceed to the Lakeshore Trail where you will cross a small creek. At the next trail intersection turn right and head uphill to an old orchard. You will pick up the Nordic ski trail heading to your left which will take you to the tops of the falls.
GPS N46.4290 W86.6178
Wagner Falls near Munising in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Wagner Falls
Munising Falls near Munising in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Munising Falls
Twin Falls near Munising in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Twin Falls

Miners Falls - 35pts

A gently rolling gravel and dirt path through the forest where one can enjoy views of the Miners Basin along the way. The fast-flowing Miners River drops about 50 feet over a sandstone outcrop, creating the park's most powerful waterfall.
There are 64 steps down to the lower viewing platform at the falls. This is an especially beautiful trail in the springtime with abundant wildflowers. Follow H-58 east of Munising until you reach Miners Castle Road. Drive 5 miles north until you reach a gravel road, turn right and follow 1 mile to parking area.
 GPS N 46° 28.475 W 86° 31.875 
Miners Falls near Munising in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Miners Falls

Potato Patch Falls - 35pts

Potato Patch Falls is a little-known falls near Miners Beach where a small creek makes a 20-foot drop over the sandstone ridge. One of the best things about visiting Potato Patch Falls is that it is seldom visited even though it is only a quarter-mile trek to get to this waterfall. From the Miners Beach parking lot take the North Country Trail until you reach a sandstone ridge that the trail dissects. Follow the cliff band to your left until you reach the falls. This is a seasonal waterfall and the flow will vary depending on the season. The name of the falls comes from the Potato Patch Backcountry Campsite located near the top of the falls.
From Munising, head east on H-58 for several miles and turn north on the road that leads to Miners Castle, Miners Beach and Miners Falls. Follow the signs towards the beach but when you reach a T intersection, head to the right and the parking for the Lakeshore Trail.
GPS N46.4989 W86.5302 

Chapel Falls - 30pts

This gorgeous hike travels along a well maintained trail that is very picturesque and you will see a great variety of plant life and beautiful views.   The trail crosses the creek above the falls and circles back around it to a viewing platform where you will have the best view for photographs. It is a gorgeous slide that is best viewed in the spring when Chapel Falls is full of water.  During the summer months the water levels drop severely and the falls are less impressive. To reach Chapel Falls, take the marked walking trail 1.5 miles through beautiful forests and small hills until you reach the 60-foot falls.
Drive 15 miles heading east of Munising on County Road H-58 until you reach Chapel Road. Head north for 5 miles until you reach the end of the road.
GPS N 46° 31.718 W 86° 26.745

Spray Falls - 60pts

Spray Falls plunges dramatically 70 feet over the Pictured Rocks cliffs directly into Lake Superior. This semi remote waterfall is best viewed from the east (from the Chapel trailhead it's a 9.6 mile round trip hike; from the Little Beaver trailhead, it's just under 8 miles round trip.) The 1856 shipwreck "Superior" lies at the base of the falls in 20 feet of water. After viewing the falls be sure to dip your feet in the cool waters of Lake Superior at Chapel Beach before heading back to your car!
Drive 15 miles heading east of Munising on County Road H-58 until you reach Chapel Road. Head north for 5 miles until you reach the end of the road.
GPS N 46° 33.48 W 86° 24.64
Potato Patch Falls near Munising in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Potato Patch Falls
Chapel Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michgan's Upper Peninsula
Chapel Falls
Spray Falls Pours into Lake Superior from Pictured Rocks
Spray Falls

Waterfall Hunting Tips

Hiking to waterfalls is an awesome way to get outside and explore, especially in the Upper Peninsula where water abounds and a short hike can take you somewhere amazing. A few simple tips can help you have your best days on the trail and make sure you complete your Munising waterfall challenge.
    • Prepare for any weather. U.P. weather can change fast, so bring a rain coat and some sunscreen.

    • Take some snacks and water. Nothing beats a cold drink and snack at the bottom of a waterfall.

    • Choose the right footwear. Sure, a pair of flip flops will be perfect for Alger or Munising falls, but you're going to want something a little more burly if you're heading out to Spray Falls. A pair of good trail running shoes or hiking boots will make your time on the trail a lot more comfortable.

    • Grab a guidebook. You can find a lot of information on the internet and that would get you to a bunch of waterfalls around Munising, but what happens when you get out into the woods and you lose cell service or your phone dies? A guidebook can provide a lot of fun background info as well as directions to the falls.

      We recommend An Ice Climber's Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Yes, it's a climbing guidebook, but the thing about ice climbers is that they know where ALL the waterfalls are, because that's where they are climbing when they freeze. Grab a copy and you'll be surprised at the hidden gems and off the beaten path falls you'll get to.

    • Take your camera. You can't claim your sticker if you can't show you've been to the waterfalls, plus who doesn't want to save those memories for later.

  • Have Fun. Because otherwise, what's the point?