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Misery Bay Coffee Study Singles!

With students arriving on both Northern Michigan University and Michigan Tech campuses soon, homework and study sessions are not far behind! In our experience, using coffee as a study aid can offer several potential benefits including, increased alertness and focus. This improved alertness, concentration, and enhanced cognitive function is bound to lead to a greater GPA! We also are firm believers that coffee can improve your mood: Coffee consumption can lead to increased dopamine production in the brain, which is associated with improved mood and reduced feelings of fatigue. This can help create a more positive and motivated mindset for studying.

Misery Bay is roasted in good ole Marquette with an excellent, smooth, chocolatey, flavor which is perfect for a hot cup in the morning to start the day or a late afternoon study session. Take it from us, you don’t need a fancy French press or pour-over to make great coffee when you are studying. All you need are great beans, finely ground, expertly treated, and passed through hot water.

That’s why we stock two of our favorite coffees from the Upper Peninsula- Misery Bay and Gallery Coffee Company steeped coffee bags! Packed with quality flavor, it’s conveniently designed for steeping before you head off to the library or on your weekend adventure. No fancy equipment, no mess, no headache. Just great coffee.

Misery Bay Coffee