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Gifts for Someone Who Loves to Snowshoe

With the abundance of snow that the Upper Peninsula receives each winter it is a snowshoer’s paradise! With modern snowshoes, snowshoeing is as easy as walking through the woods enjoying the sights and sounds of a forest draped in snow. Snowshoeing is as popular as ever, and we are sure there are people on your holiday shopping list who love to snowshoe (or would love to try it). Give the gift of outdoor adventure this year and get your family outside enjoying winter in the U.P.

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This one seems pretty obvious. You can't snowshoe without snowshoes. Getting the right size and style for the terrain you plan to use them is key to getting the most out of your shoes. If you don't know, or need some advice, our helpful staff there to answer any of your questions either in store, by email, or over the phone.

Smartwool Socks

There's not much worse than cold feet. Fortunately, we've got just the thing to prevent your toes from freezing while you're out stomping around on the snowy trails of the U.P.: Smartwool Socks. Made of soft, durable merino wool, these socks you keep your digits cozy and keep you looking stylish to boot.

Smartwool Socks
Smartwool Socks
Smartwool Socks
Smartwool Socks

Snowshoeing Poles

Poles help with balance, forward momentum, and add a full body experience to the excercise. They can help you go further and be more comfortable out on the trail. Using a lightweight and adjustable pole will help you get the right fit and have more stamina. You can adjust the poles for varying snow conditions and terrain. The Atlas Adjustable Snowshoe Poles feature an adjustable locking mechanism that clamps securely and releases effortlessly, providing easy packability and on-the-fly adjustments.

Insulated Water Bottle

A hot drink can turn a great day out in the snow into something magical. Keeping your drink warm while you wander in the woods necessitates a good insulated bottle. Yeti's Rambler bottles will keep your favorite drink piping hot even if the temps outside are frigid. They come in several sizes and Down Wind Sports even has them engraved with Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula.

And, if you accidentally forget it in the car while you are out enjoying the ample snow and pristine trails that abound in the Upper Peninsula, your drink will still be hot when you get back.


Cover your face from the biting wind and snow, or fend off the dreaded winter sunburn with the legendary Buff. Dozens of ways to wear this versitle, mutifunction headwear, make it a must have for any outdoor pursuit.

They come in a myriad of colors, patterns and styles that range from fleece lined to the classic thin, stretchy material. Our personal favorite features our beloved U.P. mixed in amongst the bright colors of maples leaves in the fall, but that's just us. Find your own style and style comfortable in the cold while you're at it.

Day Pack

A must have for anyone heading out on the trails, winter or summer. This staple carries everything you need. Extra jacket, lunch, and maybe that YETI bottle filled with coffee or hot cocoa. Head further into the woods, be more comfortable, and safer with all of the things you need for a day out comfortably stashed in your pack.

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