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Gear Review: Optimus Gemini Stove

Honestly, we have been waiting for someone to produce a light weight compact two burner stove and it looks like our wait is finally over! With a two-burner setup, the Gemini from Optimus offers a lot of versatility in a relatively compact form. For those of us who enjoy food, cooking on a two-burner stove feels very similar to the way we cook at home. Our friends at Optimus have developed the Gemini, an ultra-lightweight two burner stove that you could actually backpack with. The stove packs down to just an incredible 12" x 2.8" x 4" and weights just 28.9 ounces making it the perfect go anywhere do anything stove!

The stove packs into its own stuff sack and has a two burners that each pump out a powerful 10,200 BTU's. The fuel hose has a coupler that will screw onto any butane manufactuers fuel containers, and the fold-down controls enable you to simmer on one burner and boil on the other! We really dug the stability of the whole system. The foldable pot supports provided a rock solid base for even our largest pots.

Sea to Summit x-pot and kettle on an optimus gemini stove
lighting the optimus gemini stove
msr isopro stove fuel next to a packed optimus gemini stove

Like other Optimus stoves, the Gemini was super easy to use. Pull the stove out of the stuff sack, open the pot supports, connect the fuel canister, turn on the fuel controls and then light. Super simple!