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Gear Review: Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System

Over the past few summers, our go to water filtration system has been the Katadyn BeFree hand held water filter. From fast packing Pictured Rocks, stand up paddling at Isle Royale, or bike packing the AAA Road, this has been the best light weight filter for all of our adventures!

This microfilter has an incredible flow rate which you can drink straight from the top like a sports bottle, and is collapsible and can fit in your pocket! The BeFree is amazingly light, weighing just 2.3 oz. including the soft bottle. Filtering water is as simple as finding a water source, dipping the bottle in, and drinking! Cleaning the filter will help extend its life, simply fill the flask with water, attach the cover and shake free the debris. Or, remove the filter from the flask and swish in any lake, river or stream. And when you’re ready to “hit the trail”. The Filter removes bacteria, cysts and sediment with its pore size of 0.1 micron (0.0001mm). The output is up to 2L/min. and the capacity up to 1000L, depending on the water quality. No other filter is easier, lighter or faster to use, and it is a perfect outdoor adventure filter!

Katadyn BeFree water filter bottle
Bill Thompson drinking from a Katadyn BeFree water Filter Bottle
Collecting water in a Katadyn BeFree water filter bottle from a stand up paddleboard on Lake Superior
Bill Thompson dipping water from a mountain stream in a Katadyn BeFree water Filter Bottle