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5 Uses for the Voile Straps from our staff

The Voile Strap might be the perfect outdoor accessory: simple, practical, and endlessly useful. For the last 30 years they have been a critical piece of gear for those in the know. Made of stretch UV resistant polyurethane and heat treated aluminum, few things in life are as reliable as the original Voile Strap. They have become a staff favorite alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords.

From simply strapping your skis together, to getting your favorite beer home from the brewery, the only limit to Voile Strap's versatility is your imagination. We asked our staff and here are a few of their favorite uses.

Custom Down Wind Sports Voile Ski Straps

Ski Straps

This one seems pretty obvious, but really they are the best ski strap out there.

Our Down Wind Sports Voile straps will probably make you the coolest person at the ski hill, if you're not already.

Ski Transport

Sure you could drive to the hill, but what fun is that. Strap your skis to your bike and head out the door for the coolest and most environmentally responsible way to get your turns in.
Strap your skis to your Snow Bike with Down Wind Sports custom Voile straps
Klean Kanteen beer growler strapped to the fork of a Giant bike with a Down Wind Sports custom Voile strap

Beer Transport

Speaking of strapping stuff your bike, the only thing better than your skis is probably your favorite drink.

Next time you head down to the brewery, grab a growler and keep your hands free on the ride home

Bike Packing, Pack Rafting, Backpacking, etc.

Really any activity with the words bike, pack, and raft in the name would benefit from the simple and versatile ability to strap one thing to another.
PArni Ronis pack rafting the South Fork of the Flathead in the Montana's Bob Marshal Wilderness
Voile strap holding on the bumper of a Ford Ranger named Leo

Just Getting By

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes your just driving along and… well… we all need a little help sometimes.

The Voile Strap is there for you like a best friend or good dog.