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Find the Perfect Kid's Bike This Spring

Young girl doing tricks on Live Adore 20 bike

There is no better way for a child to celebrate the end of winter than with that first glorious bike ride of spring. But sometimes when the snow melts we find the little ones aren't quite as little as they were in the fall, which brings us to the second best way to celebrate the end of winter: A NEW BIKE!

Getting a kid on the right bike is a good way to foster a love for outside and excercise for their entire lives. We've got some tips to make sure you pick the perfect ride for when the snow is finally gone.


Bikes come in a lot of styles: mountain bikes, road bikes, beach cruisers and fat bikes, just to name a few. Kid's Bikes are no different. The frame geometry and tire type can make a big difference in how much fun the bike is to ride in cerrtain conditions. It's important to think about the type of riding the child will do most and match the bike to their needs. If they are cruising suburban strees a more laid back bike with smoother tires will be more fun, but if they are riding on gravel roads or want to the hit the trails they will want a more aggressive design with knobby tires.


This is the big one. If the bike doesn't fit, it won't be fun to ride. We know that kids grow, and grow, and grow, and getting a bike that fits, but will last more than one summer is a top priority. There are two major factors to consider: 1) If the bike is too large and the child can't touch the ground they won't be able to control it and stopping will be hard, putting them in a potentially dangerous situation and 2) If the bike is too small they will be in a scrunched up position making the bike harder to balance and not enough room to pedal.

Kids come in all sizes and kids of the same age and height aren't necessarily built the same way, so there are no rules on how to get the right size. The best thing you can do to ensure the right fit is head down to your local bike shop, like Down Wind Sports. There we can help you make sure the bike is set up for your child right now and also gives them plenty of room to grow. If getting to the store isn't an option, here are a few basic suggestions to guide you:

Push Bikes for riders as young as 2 years old
16" models fit most 4-6 year or kids with 19-23" inseams
20" models fit most 5-7 year or kids with 22-25" inseams
24" models fit most 7-9 year or kids with 24-28" inseams
26" models fit most kids over 4'10"

Giant Bicycles

Here at Down Wind we can't say enough great things about Giant Bikes. They make the best bikes for kids and adults alike. Check out their full line and stop by our Houghton or Marquette locations for a test ride. We offer free delivery across the Upper Peninsula and are here to help you get the perfect bike for that first spring ride and a lifetime or rides afterwards. We also offer full service bike shops to help you keep your bike rolling smoothly.